Pre Nursery Syllabus CBSE & Other State School [2023-24]

Pre-Nursery is an experience in discovery and ‘Pre Nursery Syllabus‘ is key an experience in discovery. There is a concentration on fostering a desire to learn, enhancing self-esteem, and providing a basis for succeeding in life. Each fun move, each query, and each laugh is a landmark for your child’s overall development and ‘Monthly Syllabus for Pre Nursery Class‘ on your ( website.

Exam Month
Pre Nursery Exam (1st terms) September
Pre Nursery Exam (2st terms) October – February
(Final Exam) March

September Pre Nursery Syllabus (1st Semester)

The exciting Pre Nursery Syllabus universe! Your little one will start a joyful learning and exploring process this September. Here’s a sneak peek into their half-yearly syllabus:

Subject Syllabus
Conversation (Oral) • All questions covered from April to August.
English Oral

• Reading & Recognition of letters (A to P)

Written • Letters : L,T,I,E,F,H,A,M,V,W

• Match with same letters (L,T,I,E,F,H,A,M,V,W)

• Match the picture with letter (L,T,I,E,F,H,A,M,V,W)

• Circle the box having correct letter (L,T,I,E,F,H,A,M,V,W)

Maths Oral

• Counting : 1 to 20

• Count and tell: 1 to 10


• Counting : 1 to 20

• Match the following : 1 to 20

• Count and match the numbers : 1 to 10

• Shapes : Triangle and square

Art & Craft • Coloring

• Activity – Thumb Painting and Vegetable Painting

G.K. (Oral) • All topics covered from April to August.
Rhymes • All Rhymes(English & Hindi) covered from April to August.
कविताएँ धमम विक्षा (D.S.)मौखिक

• गायत्री मींत्र का उच्चारण

Conversation Pre Nursery Syllabus (1st Semester)

Question Answer
Q.1. What is your name? Ans..…………..………
Q.2. How are you? Ans. I am Fine.
Q.3.In which class do you study? Ans. Pre Nursery class.
Q.4.In which school do you study? Ans. M.D.A.V – 22.
Q.5.What is the name of your class teacher? Ans. Ms. …………………..
Q.6. Where do you live? Ans. Chandigarh
Q.7. Are you a boy or a girl? Ans. Boy/Girl.
Q.8.What is the name of your father? Ans. Mr. ……………..
Q.9.What is the name of your mother? Ans. Mrs. ……………..
Q.10.Who is the Principal of your school? Ans. Mrs. Neelam Sharma

English Syllabus (1st Semester)



• My Alphabet Book(Reading & Recognition)– Letters(A to P) – Written

• Alphabet Pre- writing (Lines & Patterns)

• Write & learn (Uppercase letters) (Letters: L,T,I,E,F,H,A,M,V,W)

• Match with same letters (L,T,I,E,F,H,A,M,V,W)

• Choose the letter with correct picture (L,T,I,E,F,H,A,M,V,W)

• Circle the box having correct letter (L,T,I,E,F,H,A,M,V,W)

• Mention the above topics will be done through flash cards and picture talk.

Math’s Question (1st Semester)



• Counting :1 to 20

• Count and tell: 1 to 10


• Millennium’s Counting 1 to 20 – Book Page Nos. :2 to 32

• Match with similar number : 1 to 20

• Shapes : Triangle and Square

• Above topics will be done through flash cards and real things like pencils, colors etc.

Art & Craft Question (1st Semester)

Art & Craft
• Art & Craft Book 

• Activity : Thumb Painting & Vegetable Painting

G.K. (Oral) Question (1st Semester)

G.K. (Oral)
• Recognition of Fruits and Vegetables

• Recognition of Parts of Body

• Recognition of Colours

• Recognition of shapes

Rhymes (1st Semester)

1. Thank you God

Thank you God, for the world is so sweet.

Thank you God, for the food we provide me and eat.

Thank you God, for the birds that sing a beautiful song.

Thank you God, for everything.

2. A B C Rhyme

A B C Tumble down D

The cat is in the cupboard

And she can’t see me.

3. I See the Moon

I see the moon,

And the moon see me;

God bless the moon,

And God bless me.

4. Play with Fingers

Play with fingers

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Ten little fingers,

Snap! Snap! Snap!

Play with fingers, make a fish

Ten little fingers, make a fist.

5. Chubby cheeks

Chubby cheeks, dimple chin,

Rosy lips, teeth within,

Curly hair, very fair,

Eyes are blue, lovely too.

Teacher’s pet, is that you?

“Yes, yes, yes.”

कविताएँ  (1st Semester)

1. विनती

विनती करतेहम भगिान,

दो हमको विद्या का दान,

विद्या सेहम बनेमहान,

सच की राह पर हमेचलाओ,

झूठ सेहमेदू र भगाओ|

2. अच्छेबच्चे

ठीक समय पर पढ़तेवलखते,

ठीक समय पर सो जातेहैं

अच्छेबच्चेजो होतेहैं,

अपना समय नहीींखोतेहैं|

3. मोर

मोर हूँमैंमोर हूँ,

सबसेस ींदर लगता हूँ।

वसर पर मेरे ताज है,

स ींदरता का राज है।

बादल देख ख श होता हूँ

पीह पीह मैंकरता हूँ।

4. झमू झमू कर हाथी आया

हाथी आया हाथी आया ,

बच्चोीं नेवमल शोर मचाया,

टन टन बजती तीनोीं घींटी ,

ख श हैवपींकी , ररींकू , बींटी,

सूींड बड़ी है, मोटी खाल

इसकी हैमस्तानी चाल


वबजली चमकी,बरसा पानी,

मेंढक करतेहैंशैतानी|

भीग गई जब वततली रानी ,

झट नन्ही सी छतरी तानी I


• गायत्री मींत्र का उच्चारण

Activity (1st Semester)

  • Action words
  • Concept of Happy & Sad
  • Concept of Big & Small
  • Concept of Hot & Cold

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October – February Pre Nursery Syllabus (2nd Semester)

Be ready as pre-nursery enters the second term. In the second term Pre Nursery Syllabus is help in exam preparation from October to February, your toddler will keep discovering the world through playing and learning, reinforcing competences gained in the first period. Here’s what awaits:

Conversation (2nd Semester)

Question Answer
Q.1- Which is our National animal? Ans. Tiger
Q.2- Which is our National bird? Ans. Peacock
Q.3- Which is our National flower? Ans. Lotus
Q.4- Which is our National Game? Ans. Hockey
Q.5- Who is the Prime minister of India? Ans.
Q.6- Name three magical words? Ans. Thank you, Please and Sorry.
Q.7- How many days are there in a week? Ans. Seven days.
Q.8- How many fingers do you have? Ans. Ten fingers
Q.9- What is the shape of Earth? Ans. Round/ Circle
Q.10- What is our National Anthem? Ans. Jan Gan Man……..

English Question (2nd Semester)


• My Alphabet Book (Reading & Recognition)– Letters(A to Z)

• Alphabet Pre- writing Book (Lines & Patterns)

• Write & learn (Uppercase letters)

• Match with same alphabet letters (A to Z)

• Match the letter with correct picture (A to Z)

• Circle the box having correct letter (A to Z)

• Look at the picture and write the first letter (A to Z)

• Above topics will be done through trick with flash cards and picture talk.

Maths Question (2nd Semester)


• Counting : 1 to 50

• Count and tell: 1 to 15


• Millennium’s Counting (21-50) Book Page Nos. : 11 to 45

• Match with same number : 1 to 50

• Count and match the numbers without any help : 1 to 15

• Count & write the number :1 to 10

• Shapes : Triangle, circle, square and rectangle

• Above topics will be done through flash cards and real things like pencils, colors etc.

Art & Craft Question (2nd Semester)

Art & Craft
• Art & Craft Book Page Nos.: 18 to 32

• Activity : Finger Painting and Paper tearing

G.K Question (2nd Semester)


• Recognition of Domestic animals and Wild animals

• Recognition of Transport, Healthy Food & Junk Food

• Recognition of Birds

Rhymes (2nd Semester)

1. Early to Bed

Early to bed,

And early to rise,

Makes a man,

Healthy, wealthy and wise.

2. Four Little Monkeys

Four little Monkeys,

Jumping on the bed,

One fell down and broke his head,

Mamma called the doctor,

Doctor said; No more monkeys. jumping on the bed.

3. Number’s

One for success, Two for joy.

Three for a girl (Women), Four for a boy (man).

Five for silver, Six for gold.

Seven for a secret, Never to be told.

4. Jingle Bells

Jingle bells, jingle bells,

Jingle all the way.

Oh what fun it is to ride

In a one horse open sleigh.

5. Clap Clap Handies

Two little hands go

Clap, clap, clap.

Two little legs go

Stamp, stamp, stamp.

Two little eyes, Open and wide.

One little head go, side to side.

कविताएँ (2nd Semester)

1. सीिो

फू लोीं सेहम हूँसना सीखे,

वचवड़योींसेवनत गाना|

सूरज दादा सेसीखेहम,

ठीक समय उठ जाना|

2. विनती

एक , दो , तीन , चार

आज शवन है , कल इतिार।

पाींच , छह , सात , आठ,

याद करीं गा पूरा पाठ।

उसके आगे नौ और दस,

हो गयी वगनती पूरी बस।

3. मेरी कार

पोीं पोीं करती मेरी कार ,

गोल गोल है पवहये चार।

सरपट दौड़ लगती है ,

वजधर कहो म ड़ जाती है।

जब जाते हैं हम बाज़ार,

पापा लेकर जाते कार।

4.मेरी मम्मी

मेरी मम्मी सबसेप्यारी,

सबसेस ींदर सबसेन्यारी।

खाना म झेखखलाती है,

म झको खूब पढ़ाती है।

मीठी , मीठी लोरी गाकर,

म झको रोज स लाती है।

5. सब्जी लेलो

सब्जी लेलो , सब्जी लेलो,

सब्जीिाला आया है।

आलू, गोभी, अदरक , मूली,

पालक , वभींडी लाया है।

हरी हरी त म सब्जी खाओ ,

अपनी सेहत खूब बनाओ।

Activity (2nd Semester)

  • Concept of Open & Close
  • Concept of Hard & Soft
  • Concept of Laugh & Cry
  • Concept of Day & Night

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March Pre Nursery Syllabus (Final Exam)

It’s time to celebrate! Lastly, March ends your child’s Pre Nursery Syllabus and Exam journey with an end exam that has been filled with fun exploration. This is not only an examination, but a time to see how your child has managed. Here’s what to expect:


  • Poster Making on Technology Day
  • Declamation on Biodiversity Day
  • Poster Making & Essay Writing on World Population Day,
  • Poster Making & Declamation on Tree Plantation
  • Debate on Ozone Day
  • Slogan Writing & Drawing Competition on Wildlife Week.
  • Poster Making and Salad Making on World Food Day
  • Slogan Writing & Rally on Environment Protection Day
  • Slogan Writing, Rally and Declamation on Pollution Prevention Day
  • Slogan Writing & Quiz on Energy Conservation Day
  • Poster Making, Declamation and Rally on Oil Conservation Week

  • Poster Making Competition on Anti Tobacco Day
  • Poster Making Competition on Causes & Control of Air, Water and Land Pollution.
  • Declamation on Healthy Food.
  • Fruit & Salad Making Competition.
  • Poster Making Competition on Road Safety Rules.
  • Declamation on AIDS Awareness Day.
  • First Aid Box Making Competition.
  • Yoga Competition

  • Mock Drill Regarding Earthquake.
  • Quiz Competition
  • Documentaries on Disaster Management.
  • Mock Drill Based on Fire Safety
  • Painting Competition
  • First Aid Box Making
  • Mock Drill Regarding Earthquake.

  • Poster Making
  • Cleanliness Drive
  • One Minute Talk on Cleanliness
  • Poem Recitation
  • Cleanliness Drive
  • Collage Making
  • Painting Competition
  • Debate
  • Essay Writing

  • Introduction of new member in Interact club
  • Investiture Ceremony
  • Visit to Old Age Home Visit to Slum Areas Giving food to Needy

  • Symposium on Integrity and Peace
  • Poster making on importance of women in Indian society /
  • Pink turban campaign
  • Kavi Sammelan (Poems/songs on Integrity)
  • Film on Bribery
  • Skit on Peace and Harmony
  • Power of ` 1 campaign
  • Lecture on moral values and ethics
  • Role play on Indian tradition and unity in diversity
  • Wall of kindness project

  • Games
  • Moral Values
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Art & Craft
  • Quiz
  • Spell Bee
  • General Knowledge

  • Handy Fan & Hanging Birds
  • Paper Plate Masks & Pencil Holder
  • Paper Flower & Paper Rangoli
  • Finger Puppets & Rakhi Making
  • Bandanwar & Diya Decoration
  • Paper Folding & Greeting Cards
  • Doll, Photo Frame & Paper Bag
  • Pom-Pom Activity & Hand Puppet

Pre Nursery Syllabus PDF

In this PDF we will discussed all pre nursery syllabus and also comes with a pre nursery syllabus CBSE pdf:

Download Free PDF


It’s time to celebrate! Lastly, March ends your child’s Pre Nursery Syllabus journey with an end exam that has been filled with fun exploration. This is not only an examination, but a time to see how your child has managed and follow the monthly syllabus for pre nursery class.

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